Source changes made during Beta-4

117 minutes agoSteve ConstantUpdating with 4.0.M4 tag. default tip
2 hours agoSteve ConstantAdded tag 4.0.M4 for changeset fd2bf579f5da
8 hours agoArne Erikssonntfsv: fix for ticket #795 4.0.M4
5 hours agoIngvar Bergstr?mFaulty identification of parent in a DN containing escaped RDN (ticket#802)
7 hours agoNagendra Kumar:AMF not calling CSISetCallback in nway redunadncy model: Ticket 781
8 hours agoShekharPatch for Ticket:776, Killing Director or central server should cause sc restart
8 hours agoShekharFix for misc issue: DTSv OI
33 hours agoHans Feldtavsv/avnd: convert AMF to CLM node name before adding to CLM DB (#801)
10 hours agoIngvar Bergstr?mFailure in creating SaAmfNodeSwBundle object (Ticket#802)
33 hours agoIngvar Bergstr?mReview comments set 1 (#788) and minor misc corrections
34 hours agoIngvar Bergstr?mFaulty generation of IMM modifications when rolling over components #784
2 days agoHans Feldtavsv/avd: update AMF node admin state in IMM (#785)
2 days agoHans Feldtntfsubscribe: remove filtering (#783)
2 days agoHans Feldtavsv/avd: ensure admin state LOCKED-INSTANTIATION for dynamically created SUs (#779)
2 days agoHans Feldtimmcfg: support deletion of attribute value
2 days agoHans Feldtavsv/avd: support modification of saAmfSUMaintenanceCampaign (#764)
2 days agoHans Feldtavsv: support modification of saAmfCompType without locking (#764)
2 days agoHans Feldtavsv: support modification of saAmfAppType (#764)
3 days agoJonathan Fournierbuild: revert changes until 4.0.M4
3 days agoLarsSMF: Handle bundle install/remove in single-step (#775)
3 days agoJonathan Fournierbuild: revert changes until 4.0.M4
7 days agoAnders Bjornerstedtimmsv: Queueing of outgoing asyncronous FEVS messages (#771)
3 days agoSuryaMDS: patch for ticket 693
7 days agoAnders Bjornerstedtimmsv: ensure external rep DN for obj-delete callback (#765)
4 days agoHans Feldtavsv: corrected args to memcpy (#739)
4 days agoNagendraAvsv: support for admin restart of component(#764)
6 days agoJonathan Fournierbuild: fix rpm Requires: typo (> to =)
7 days agoShekharAdd on patch2 for DTSv OI (#758)
7 days agoJonathan Fournierbuild: add missing configure checks
7 days agoJonathan Fournierbuild: keep the smfsv directory structure consistent with the others
7 days agoJonathan Fournierbuild: Change the rpm packaging to split per SAF Service
9 days agoPeter Strand#741 immcfg crashes if a DN which has a blankspace is given
10 days agoPeter Strand#740 immcfg trimming the domain name
9 days agoLarsSMF: Create campaign objects with correct init state.
2 weeks agoHans Feldtavsv: corrected CSI attribute naming (#718), removed some compiler warnings
2 weeks agoShekharAdd on patch for DTSv OI (#758)
2 weeks agoRameshmissed out a file in masv clean up
2 weeks agoLarsRemoved net-snmp dependencies from the UML environment.
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