OpenSAF 4.3 release announcement

The OpenSAF community is pleased to announce general availability of the 4.3.0 enhancements release.

The source can be downloaded from  opensaf-4.3.0.tar.gz

A list ...

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4.3 RC1 Release Candidate Available

The 4.3.RC1 tag has been applied to the 4.3 enhancements branch, and the archive  opensaf-4.3.RC1.tar.gz is available for download.

This pre-release shall be under ...

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OpenSAF patch release 4.2.3 is now available for download

The OpenSAF community is pleased to announce the availability of OpenSAF Patch Release 4.2.3, containing almost 100 corrections made since the previous patch release 4.2.2. Please refer to the [ Change ...

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4.2.3RC1 Release Candidate Available

OpenSAF 4.2.3RC1 has been tagged, and the archive  opensaf-4.2.3RC1.tar.gz is available for download.

Please test this release candidate and report any problems fou ...

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Welcome to the OpenSAF Project

OpenSAF is an open source project established to develop a base platform middleware consistent with Service Availability™ Forum ( SA Forum™) specifications, under the  LGPLv2.1 license. The  OpenSAF Foundation was established by leading Communications and Enterprise Computing Companies to facilitate the OpenSAF Project and to accelerate the adoption of the OpenSAF code base in commercial products.

Migration to sourceforge - The project is under migration to  sourceforge from where the latest  news can be tracked and to subscribe to the new  mailing lists.

About this wiki

This wiki is being graciously hosted by resources sponsored by  The OpenSAF Foundation. It is maintained by the OpenSAF Community members who track development progress of the project. Anybody is welcome to consult the notes found on this Wiki and register for a Trac account to be able to open enhancements, defects, and track the progess. If you have any issue contact us!

Latest Releases

Branches Maintained Versions Release Date Description
default (development)  4.4 Q3 2013* Enhancements
opensaf-4.3.x (enhancement)  4.3 2013/05/03  Content
opensaf-4.2.x (stable)  4.2.3 2013/04/15  Content

* Planned date


 4.3 documentation
 4.2 documentation
4.1 documentation
4.0 documentation

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